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Why Account Receivable Financing is One of the Best Funding Options

During times of economic hardship, many businesses need additional funding. Aside from traditional financing, there are many alternative financing solutions. Accounts Receivable Financing is one the best financing options for growing businesses and here are some reasons why:

1) Quick Cash

Applying for a traditional bank loan is a long and tedious process. Most businesses, especially during an economic downturn, do not have the financial means to wait for an extended period of time.

By choosing accounts receivable financing, you can receive funding within a week.

2) Accounts receivable as collateral

Start-ups and small businesses face difficulty in applying for traditional financing as they usually have little to no revenue history or credit history.

In accounts receivable financing, alternative lenders such as Accel Business Funding will look to the assets you have pledged as collateral as they are most concerned with the quality and performance of your pledged assets. By using your accounts receivable as collateral, you can receive upfront advance payment on your outstanding accounts receivable. If your customers have good credit history from reliably paying their invoices, alternative lenders will view your outstanding accounts receivable more favorably as collateral.

3) Flexibility

Traditional bank loans often come with stringent financial covenants. Accounts receivable financing has more flexibility given that as your sales increase, the amount you can borrow increases as well. This is especially great for companies that are growing quickly and need additional working capital to meet the increase in demand.

Accel Business Funding provides accounts receivable financing and has helped many businesses meet their funding needs. We have a simple 1 page application and only require a few financial documents.

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