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Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing

Short message service, or SMS, can be one effective avenue for business marketing. In this article, we’ll be listing the pros and cons of using SMS marketing.


Inexpensive, Quick, and Personalized

SMS marketing is fairly inexpensive, as all you need is a bulk SMS service and a contact list of your past and potential customers.

SMS marketing can also be done quickly and reach your customers immediately in the case of a flash sale or other limited time promotions.

Additionally, with each message containing 160 characters at maximum, some marketers may find it easier to create personalized messages. Incorporating personalization in your texts can help to maximize the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns as personalized call-to-actions perform better on average than do static call-to-actions.

People Will See It

Compared to every other form of business marketing, SMS will have the highest chance of being read. Not only are the messages short but given that people spend so much time on their smartphones, it is highly likely that your target audience will see your marketing texts.

Not only do people see your messages, but it is also much more likely for SMS marketing to convert those viewers. People who receive SMS marketing have signed up to receive your marketing texts, which means that they are genuinely interested in what you offer. The average conversion rate of SMS marketing is 30%, which is much higher than other marketing forms, such as Google Ads which averages a 4% conversion rate.

You Can Still Use Other Marketing Tactics

Compared to other marketing tactics, SMS marketing is much less time consuming. This means that you can combine SMS marketing with other marketing strategies, further maximizing the effectiveness of your business marketing plan.



One of the most common reasons that SMS marketing fails is because the target audience may perceive their messages as spam.

If you spam your customers with marketing text messages, then customers are more likely to opt out of receiving future messages from you. Additionally, customers may quickly lose interest in your business if you send text messages that are not unique and relevant.

New Marketing Channel, New List

Using SMS marketing entails managing another contact list in addition to your email contact list. To safeguard their privacy, people are generally less willing to give out their mobile phone information only to receive a perceived nuisance. Due to this, it can be difficult for businesses to build up an SMS contact list.

Limited Space

While the limited space of 160 characters can make crafting messages less time-consuming, you also have much less space to actually present your message.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool for business marketing due to its ease of reaching your target audience and its high conversion rates. There are pros and cons to the brevity of SMS messages: it takes less time to craft text messages, but it can limit content and creativity.

SMS marketing is nonetheless effective, and any business can use SMS marketing to bolster their business marketing efforts.


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