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Direct Mail Marketing in 2020

Some digital marketers may scoff at the idea of incorporating direct mail as part of your business’ marketing strategy. In a world where almost everything is digital, direct mail marketing may seem old fashioned and boring.

However, with COVID-19 causing mass business closures and forcing many customers to stay at home, it makes more sense for businesses to double down on direct mail marketing so that they can effectively reach their customer base at home.

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is far from dead. Although it is an old-school marketing method, it is still a great way to reach your audience, get their attention, and connect with them on a more personal level than you could with social media ads, cold calling, or even email.

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing has a higher return on investment compared to paid searches and online displays. According to a 2019 Gallup poll, 41% of Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mail daily and hold onto mail on average for 17 days. This gives plenty of time for your customers to read your direct mail or at least skim through it at their leisure. Consumers largely ignore paid search results and perceive online displays as nuisances.

Consumers are highly likely to visit a business’ website after discovering a product in the business’ catalog. In a study commissioned by the US Postal Service, over 60% of catalog recipients were influenced by a catalog to visit the business website. The greatest influence was observed with first-time shoppers of said businesses.

Compared to emails, direct mail has a better response rate, with up to a 90% open rate for direct mail while only 20-30% open rate for emails. In addition, direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than with email.

Direct mail also leaves a better impression on consumers. Only 44% of people can recall a brand immediately after seeing a digital ad while the number is 75% for people who receive direct mail.

Bottom Line

Every great marketing strategy involves using multiple channels.

Given how cluttered the digital marketing channels are, it makes sense to include direct mail in your marketing campaign - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With fewer

marketers using direct mail these days, your direct mail has a higher chance of standing out.

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